Monoamine Oxidase A


Potent Inhibitors Strength Dosage Verified in Man
Apigenin IC50=1.7 µM[5] ? ?
Eugenol IC50=34.4 µM (0.0344 mM)[6] ? ?
Harmaline Extremely Potent 75-150 mg Yes
Luteolin IC50=4.9 µM[5] ? ?
Moclobemide IC50=3.90 µM[7] 150-300 mg Yes
Paeonol IC50=54.6 µM[4] ? ?
Piperine IC50=49.3 µM[4] ? ?
Quercetin IC50=2.8 µM[5] ? ?
Resveratrol IC50=0.449-26.6 µM[8][1] ? ?
Veraphenol IC50=38.0 µM[1] ? ?
Moderate Inhibitors   Strength Dosage Verified in Man
Alpha-asarone IC50=124 µM (0.124 mM)[6] ? ?
Beta-asarone IC50=142 µM (0.142 mM)[6] ? ?
Methyl Eugenol IC50=110 µM (0.11 mM)[6] ? ?
Weak Inhibitors   Strength Dosage Verified in Man
4-hydroxyphenylacetic acid IC50=20.28 mM[3] ? ?
Vanillic acid IC50=3.89 mM[3] ? ?

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