Epoxide Hydrolase

Epoxide Hydrolase functions in detoxification during drug metabolism. It converts epoxides to trans-dihydrodiols, which can be conjugated and excreted from the body.

It's possible that it interferes with Oilahuasca Activation.

Inhibitors Strength Dosage Verified in Man
Calcium [2] 25% inhibition 1 mM ?
Cyclohexene oxide ? ? ?
Nordihydroguiaretic acid ? ? ?
Propenylbenzene epoxide [1]1 18-63% inhibition 1 mM ?
3,3,3-Trichloropropylene oxide ? ? ?
Zink [2] 100% inhibition 1 mM ?
1. Inhibition of epoxide hydrolase from human, monkey, bovine, rabbit and murine liver by trans-3-phenylglycidols.
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