D1 Receptor

A specific D1 dopamine receptor agonist is y-terpinene, which is the main active in Tea Tree essential oil.

When the D1 dopamine receptor is activated, several changes occur:
- Emotional effects: Motivations increase; the ability to feel euphoria from other substances is increased (euphoria is NOT caused by D1, however); ability to form addictions greatly increases
- Bodily effects: Bodily coordination greatly increases, body high of other substances increases
- Closed eye visuals: Aztec-like geometric waves
- Open eye visuals: D1 generates AMPA visuals due to AMPA upregulation: Objects gain higher dimensional appearance, similar to psychedelics [this is also the primary psychedelic effect of lemon oil].
- Mind's eye visuals: Aside from the AMPA visuals, D1 specifically produces yellow diamonds and fields of yellow energy with a black void background. Grids can also be perceived, which is a function of downstream AMPA upregulation of D3.

Perceptible downstream effects:
D1 strongly upregulates AMPA, which upregulates BDNF, which upregulates D3. D3 is very perceptible from D1 agonism causing its characteristic purple energy fields and purple grids in the mind's eye.

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