Allylbenzenes are essential oil derivatives of allylbenzene. Many have well documented medicinal actions. For example, eugenol acts as a local pain reliever, and myristicin acts as an MAO inhibitor.

Several allylbenzenes are well documented to have psychoactivity in man, being either stimulant or psychedelic in action. A vast majority of commonly known psychedelic alkaloids and stimulants are very closely related to the allylbenzenes (amphetamine, MDMA, mescaline, etc.). Several allylbenzenes have been proven to form alkaloid metabolites in vivo under certain circumstances (see Oilahuasca for more details), which is probably the basis of their psychoactivity.

Allylbenzenes Covered in HerbPedia

Common Allylbenzene Actions


The actions given are base on full activation normally only achieved by using various Oilahuasca Activators. When used without Oilahuasca Activators many of these allylbenzenes produce mild sedation and side effects. Note that some people are unable to fully activate these allylbenzenes even when using good Oilahuasca Activators. The reason for this is currently unknown.

Allylbenzene Action Primary Source
3,5-Dimethoxyallylbenzene Stimulant?
Allylbenzene Stimulant?
Apiole Psychedelic Parsley seed
Chavibetol Stimulant Betel leaf
Chavicol Stimulant Bay leaf, Betel leaf
Croweacin Psychedelic? Crowea saligna, Crowea angustifolia
Dillapiole Psychedelic Dill seed CT Dillapiole
Elemicin Psychedelic Russian tarragon, Elemi, Nutmeg
Eugenol Stimulant Clove, Allspice
Gamma-Asarone (γ-Asarone) Psychedelic? Aniba hostmanniana, Caesulia axillaries, Calamus
Hydroxychavicol Stimulant Betel leaf
Methoxyeugenol Stimulant? Sassafras, Nutmeg
Methyl chavicol Psychedelic Sweet basil, French tarragon
Methyl eugenol Psychedelic Tagetes lucida, Mexican allspice
Myristicin Psychedelic Parsley seed CT Myristicin, Nutmeg
Osmorhizole Psychedelic? Chervil
Safrole Psychedelic Sassafras, Nutmeg
Sarisan (Asaricin) Psychedelic? Piper affinis hispidinervum
Tetramethoxyallylbenzene Psychedelic? Parsley seed

The 15 Major Psychoactive Allylbenzenes


The 15 major allylbenzenes are found throughout nature in the essential oils of nutmeg, elemi, sassafras, and several other plants.

The allylbenzenes with methoxy or methylenedioxy groups on the 4 position of the benzene ring appear to produce psychedelic metabolites. Allylbenzenes with a hydroxy group on the 4 position appear to produce stimulant effects only.

position 1 = black (the important allyl side chain, required for conversion to an alkaloid)
position 2 = brown
position 3 = red
position 4 = green (must be a methoxy or methylenedioxy group for psychedelic activity)
position 5 = blue
position 6 = purple

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