Acorus tatarinowii

Acorus tatarinowii, a relative of Acorus calamus found in China known locally as "Shi-Chang-Pu", was shown to contain the following compounds in the essential oil steam distilled from the root.

Compound % Of Essential Oil
alpha-asarone 6.35% [1]
beta-asarone 66.15% [1]
cis-methylisoeugenol 4.48% [1]
gamma-asarone 4.51% [1]
methyl eugenol 2.13% [1]
trans-methylisoeugenol 0.82% [1]

1. [Study on GC-MS fingerprint analysis in rhizome of volatile oil of Acorus tatarinowii].
[Article in Chinese] Wei G, Fang YQ, Liu DH, Lin SF. PubMed PMID 15506289
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