1'-Oxoelemicin-PEA is an adduct of phenylethylamine and 1'-oxoelemicin. Test results from at least 1 forum member of Nature's Herb Forum (herbs.maxforum.org) indicate that this adduct forms in vivo (further tests need to be done to verify this). Elemicin has been proven to create dimethylamine, piperidine, and pyrrolidine adducts in vivo, which is believe to be created via it's 1'-oxoelemicin metabolite (see the article 1'-Oxoelemicin for more details).

This adduct will probably form spontaneously without the need for any catalyst. The very closely related 1'-oxoestragole has been shown to react with a number of amines at room temperature without a catalyst (see the article 1'-Oxoestragole for more details).

Anecdotal Reports on Psychedelic Activity

NOTE: The anecdotal report here is based on 1 experience from a single person. More tests need to be done to validate this report.

1 anecdotal report indicates that this adduct is psychedelic at 50 mg (this person is very sensitive to psychedelics, most people will probably require 2-5 times as much). The effects began after about 15 minutes, peaked after approximately 120 minutes, and lasted approximately 12 hours with lingering effects felt at 36 hours. Dosage was defined as approximately 1.5x more potent than mescaline, producing effects similar to mescaline, but with much greater euphoria and empathogenic effects. The euphoria and bodily sensations were similar to those of phenylethylamine but much stronger. The euphoria felt was similar to that felt from an orgasm, mixed with an excited feeling, and a feeling of being at peace. The euphoria was primarily felt during the peak. Visual effects included greatly enhance color perception, especially of red colors. There were mild closed eye visuals, and very mild patterns superimposed on objects. Spacial awareness was slightly altered. Music had greater emotional depth. Social interaction was greatly enhanced.

Chemical Properties

Synonyms: 1'-ketoelemicin-PEA; 1-(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl)-3-(2-phenylethylamino)propan-1-one
Molecular Weight: 343.46
Formula: C20H25NO4
XLogP3: 2.98 [1]

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1. Value calculated using Virtual Computational Chemistry Laboratory's online ALOGPS 2.1 program
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