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This wiki is devoted primarily to herbs containing potentially psychoactive allylbenzenes such as nutmeg, cloves, elemi, basal, etc. Many of these herbs only elicit psychoactive effects under certain special conditions in the body. Work is being done to figure out how to trigger these psychoactive effects. Psychoactive effects on par with that of mescaline have been reported from elemicin found in elemi oil, but these reports are few and far between. A special interaction with the human body is required to elicit such effects, which for many people is almost impossible to achieve. A search for the proper keys to triggering the potential psychoactive effects from elemicin and similar allylbenzenes begin several years ago. Countless human trials were done by several enthusiasts around the world in hopes of finding all the necessary steps to obtaining psychoactive effects from elemicin. The steps (and supporting theories) for coercing such affects in the body from elemicin are collectively known as Oilahuasca. Oilahuasca is in it's early stages of development. The interaction needed to get Oilahuasca working appears to be quite complex. Much is not known about how it works and its success rate is still very low among different individuals.

I hope you find the data on this wiki useful. While the Oilahuasca related topics are purely theoretical, and stated as such in their articles on this wiki, the rest of the information presented elsewhere on this wiki is as factual as possible with references provided to back up the data. If any important data is missing or newer more accurate data is made available, please leave a comment on the article's page so that the page's data can be updated with the most recent scientific facts available.

Once the science of Oilahuasca is mature, it will be another great tool for psychoactive research. While LSD, mescaline, and other chemicals are easily banned, Oilahuasca will be extremely difficult to ban because the allylbenzenes used for Oilahuasca are found in plants all over planet earth.

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